Chocolate, Champagne And Spicy Food Can Keep You Alive Forever, According To Science

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It feels like every day we’re bombarded by a new study that says what we’re supposed to eat and drink to stay alive for as long as possible. Some say the key to youth is beer, some say chocolate, some swear by a plant-based diet. So what are we actually supposed to do?

Donde Nast put together a list of all of the best, tastiest, and downright incredible foods that studies have claimed will help us live longer. So hopefully, by following this list we’ll live forever…. or maybe not. But who knows?!

First up: Champagne.

According to a University of Reading study from 2013, one to three glasses of champagne a week wards off memory loss and dementia, believe it or not. Apparently, certain compounds in the drink help to delay the onset of brain disorders, by encouraging healthy levels on proteins in the brain that usually deplete during aging.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods generally contain capsaicin (an ingredient in chili peppers), which has been linked to increased fat burning – nice. Plus, a Chinese study found that those who ate spicy foods six or seven times a week had a lower risk of death from cancer or heart disease.

Red Wine

Red wine is linked with a variety of health benefits. Research at the University of Alberta found that ‘resveratrol’ improves heart and muscle strength as much as one hour at the gym.


Harvard researchers reckon that chocolate makes us smarter. In fact, they seemingly proved this back in 2013.

Chocolate has been also found to reduce blood pressure.

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking and treat yourself.

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