Chocolate Benedict Cumberbunnies Are A Marvel Fan’s Perfect Easter Treat

Well, that’s a little ‘Strange’

Cumberbunny Featured

If you want to celebrate Avengers: Endgame in style, chocolate Benedict Cumberbunnies are the perfect way to do that. Turning the Doctor Strange star into his own chocolate deity, Cumberbunnies are a delicious and dutiful recreation of the suave Sorcerer Supreme.

Known for his roles in the likes of Sherlock12 Years a Slave and the Hobbit movies, Cumberbatch joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 2016’s Doctor Strange and took the leading role in Scott Derrickson’s mind-bending movie.

Bringing the comedic and arrogant Doctor Stephen Strange back for Thor: Ragnarok, Cumberbatch also had a leading role in last year’s Avengers: Infinity War and could be an integral part of Endgame.

Although he might have one of the most difficult names in Hollywood to pronounce, Benedict Cumberbatch is hot property in Tinseltown. If you ever fancied biting his head off, now you can. UK-based Chocolatician is behind the Cumberbunny and first unveiled them in all their bouncing glory for Easter 2016.


The Cumberbunnies are back for 2019 and look to be the most impressive batch of bunnies yet. Available to buy for £39.99, the Cumberbunny can be ordered now — in time for Easter and Endgame‘s upcoming release at the end of April.

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