Childish Gambino Has Made Another Music Video That People Can’t Stop Talking About

Messenger Childish Gambino has dropped his latest music video for Feels Like Summer and once again he’s …read more


Childish Gambino has dropped his latest music video for Feels Like Summer and once again he’s done a pretty fantastic job of getting people talking.

It’s certainly a change of pace from his politically charged video for This is America, which addressed a number of controversial topics in America like gun crime and racism.

That’s not stopped fans from finding themselves engrossed in his latest creation again though.

Thanks to a string of impressive animated cameos from Glover’s fellow musicians, the rapper appears to have another excellent video on his hands.

There’s notable appearances from Beyonce, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj and a crying Kanye West being comforted by Michelle Obama.

Fans have been highlighting a number of the plots that have been seemingly addressed throughout the music video.

One of those being Nicki Minaj blaming Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner for keeping her new album Queen from number one in the US, claiming that the pair had used their baby to promote Astroworld. 

Kanye being hugged by Michelle Obama is one of the standout moments in the clip as he sports his ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.

It’s been a funny old year for the rapper after a number of controversial outbursts but Michelle was on hand to comfort him.

Gambino featured Beyonce in the video who he will be working alongside in the live-action remake of The Lion King.

The singer is wearing a a shirt in tribute to Chicago drill rapper Fredo Santana, who died unexpectedly at the beginning of the year.

Elsewhere in the video were people that looked to be Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Lil Yachty, as well as Solange, SZA and Janelle Monae.

Donald Glover was lauded with praise after the release of his powerful video to This is America in May.

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