Channel 4 Is Looking To Match People With Their Perfect Dog

Channel 4’s reality show The Dog House is getting a second season, after receiving a lot of love the first time around for all the most wholesome reasons, and that’s because it’s basically Celeb’s Go Dating, but for dogs.

If you didn’t watch season one, then obviously it’s not for dogs to date other dogs and what not, but it uses the same set-up in that an agency matches dogs with their perfect owner.

During the 12 week filming period, secret cameras were on set to film staff at rehoming centre, Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire, on their quest to find pups their forever homes with owners that would be perfectly matched for them.

“Sometimes it does feel like a dating agency here. We don’t just take on board a dog’s breed, we look at a dog’s character and how it fits in with the new family,” said one of the helpers, Karen.

“Is the dog introvert? Is it nuts and charges around the house? Or are they a little old dog looking for a retirement home?”

Credit: Channel 4

One beautiful story that caught everyone’s eyes in season one was Zeus (who got renamed as Dug), who found his way to Paul, a man who was left wheelchair bound due to a minor tendon injury.

“I sit there and talk to him all day. It’s nice to have the company – like having a best friend,” says Paul. “He’s perfect,” he smiles.

The channel claims it is “looking for people who can offer a lifelong home to a rescue dog, and would be happy to share their reasons for doing so”.

If you or someone you know think you may be ready to find the dog of your dreams, you can apply by emailing or calling 07907 956042.

[Featured Image Credit: Channel 4]


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