Call of Duty vs Battlefield – Which One is Actually The Best

The age-old question between Call of Duty and Battlefield – Which is actually better?


The age-old question between Call of Duty and Battlefield – Which is actually better? In this post, we take a look at both games, compare them, and try to find a conclusive answer to this question.

Truthfully, it’s hard to find a definitive winner – both games offer different experiences and both games appeal to different types of players. We can, however, explain to you why either Call of Duty or Battlefield may actually be better for you than the other game, depending on your playstyle.

So, without further ado – here we go. Call of Duty vs Battlefield – which is actually better?

Quick Run n’ Gun Action – Call of Duty Wins

When it comes to quick run n’ gun action, Call of Duty will always take the action. With Call of Duty, you can jump straight back into the action within seconds. The entire multiplayer experience is powered by adrenaline.

Most maps are close quarters and players are given the ability to respawn in and get back to where they died in roughly 10-15 seconds.

This style of gameplay also lends itself well to the kind of players that get a rush out of lengthy killstreaks and quick back-to-back kills. In fact, Call of Duty rewards players not just with the sense of achievement for getting big killstreaks, but with a variety of in-game abilities that can be used to keep the kill streak going for longer.

Vehicle Warfare – Battlefield Wins

If you’re the kind of person that likes to drive tanks, boats, planes, and jeeps in FPS games, Call of Duty isn’t for you. Battlefield, on the other hand, will be perfect.

The Battlefield series has always been the go-to FPS game for those looking for vehicle warfare. Call of Duty, on the other hand, practically has no vehicles for players to use.

The vehicle controls in Battlefield are easy to get to grips with, but mastering things like aerial combat or tank vs tank battles can be challenging. It’s as equally challenging as it is rewarding, however. For some players, using the vehicles in Battlefield never gets old.

Massive Multiplayer Battles and Maps – Battlefield Wins

Once again, Battlefield is the winner when it comes to massive open map warfare. The multiplayer maps in Call of Duty are always very compact and designed for quick 1v1 trades between players.

As the name of the game suggests, Battlefield has maps that are designed to be open battlefields for players to take part in. You’re given the opportunity to fight against players in close quarters areas, take up a spot somewhere and snipe players across the map, use vehicles to enter the combat or use a variety of other weapons.

The player count for each map on Battlefield is usually a lot larger, too. This gives the game an authentic open world warfare feel to it that Call of Duty so often lacks.

Weapon Choice & Customisation – Call of Duty Wins

This was a hard one to decide on, but when it comes down to it, the customisation and weapon choice in Call of Duty is arguably better.

We always feel like there are not only more weapons to choose from in Call of Duty, but the range of guns that are actually useful when competing against others is far larger.

The customization for weapons in Call of Duty has always been better, too. One of our favorite things about the weapon customization in Call of Duty is the unlock requirements. For example, in previous COD games, you had to complete certain tasks to unlock some weapon camos.

In COD WW2, this unlock and customization system remains the same. You’re also able to unlock new helmets from prestiging.

Classes and Tactical Abilities – Battlefield Wins

Call of Duty might have the upper hand when it comes to weapons and customization, but when it comes to using tools and abilities that actually make a tactical impact on gameplay, Battlefield is the winner.

In Battlefield, there are a number of different classes and each class has its own unique feature. The medic, for example, can heal and revive downed players so that they do not have to respawn further away from the objective.

Having a range of different classes on your team can make a meaningful impact on the chance of success. In Battlefield 1, there are also a number of Elite Classes that can be unlocked and used in-game temporarily. These are essentially specialist classes with some kind of special ability or powerful weapon.

Story Mode – Draw

When it comes to the story mode, we found it very hard to make an objective winner between the two. Honestly, both game franchises offer great story campaigns. There have been highs and lows in both franchises when it comes to the story content available, but it’s difficult to pinpoint an absolute winner.

All we can say here is that if you enjoy FPS games for the single player story mode, we can safely say that you’ll enjoy both Battlefield and Call of Duty, so it may be worth picking up both games.

Zombies – Call of Duty (Obviously)

We’ve covered pretty much everything now, but there is one last honorable mention. The zombies mode in Call of Duty has evolved in recent years to the point where it’s almost an entirely separate game.

If you’re happy with buying the season pass for Call of Duty, you essentially get a full game to play throughout the year. Zombies mode offers story-driven gameplay where you must fight waves upon waves of zombies.

As you get through more waves, you’ll have more money to spend on upgrades, unlocking new areas, and purchasing better weapons.

It would be great to see Battlefield getting a similar game mode to give the current COD zombies players a bit of competition. For now, though, we do not have such a mode available in Battlefield.


What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the arguments we made for and against both Call of Duty and Battlefield? Do your opinions differ? Let us know your thoughts!

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