Britain’s Got Talent Fans Claim The Show Is ‘Fixed’

Justice for Jonathan!

Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is once again at the centre of a scandal. This time, fans claim that Simon Cowell’s hit series is a fix. Another series has come to an end as Colin Thackery scooped the grand prize.

The singing pensioner was an early contender for first place, but others have shared their outrage that Jonathan Goodwin didn’t even land in the Top 3. Goodwin impressed and daringly buried himself alive, however, it clearly wasn’t enough for the viewing public.

The escapologist literally risked his own life as he was buried in a case filled with gravel. Although the judges said they couldn’t be happier with Colin’s win — and the audience was heard chanting his name — the results were pretty divisive.

Posting on Twitter, one wrote, “ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME! COLIN THACKERY! BEN OR JONATHAN GOODWIN SHOULD HAVE WON.” Another said that Colin’s position as the last act to perform gave him an unfair advantage: “Anyone else notice with #bgt the acts that go last on the night usually win?”

However, Digital Spy has revealed the voting percentages and shows just how far ahead Thackery was. Scoring 25.3% of the votes, Colin had a clear lead over Marc Spelmann’s 17.8%. Elsewhere, Ben Hart had just 10.2% and Kojo Anim earned 9.6%.

Some have vowed never to watch BGT again, but something tells me they’ll be back. It’s been a pretty controversial series as is. During one of the semi-finals, a blunder saw the wrong act put through to the final.

Jonathan Britain's Got Talent

Also, the reality show seemed to go a little X-rated. While Ant and Dec usually host a family-friendly version of BGT, it looks like someone called Donnelly a c**t.

As audiences tuned in to find out which two acts secured themselves a place in the live final, a little girl ran out onto the stage and demanded “cut”. It was clearly a staged bit of Ant and Dec’s comedy act, but some took to Twitter to question what she’d actually said.

One questioned, “Did the Lil Icons girl just shout c*** into the mic?”, while another asked, “Did this little girl just call @antanddec a c**?” A third added: “Did this little girl just call Dec a c***t?”

Colin now has the chance to see his name in lights and step out on the stage at the Royal Variety Performance.

[Featured Image: ITV]

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