This Brand New Open World Survival Game Looks Set To Be One of the Best Games of 2018

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Survive The Nights is a brand new open world survival game that may be learning from the mistakes that other similar games have made in the past.

Currently being worked on by a small development team called a2z Interactive, it’s clear that it will be a long time before Survive The Nights includes all of the features that the developers wanted to add in their initial plan for the game.

We wouldn’t recommend picking up Survive The Nights just yet, but if you’re interested to learn more about what the game could potentially be in a year’s time, you can take a read through what the developers have planned for the game below.

Survive The Nights Building Mechanics

A big part of Survive The Nights that will help it to stand out from the crowd of similar games is the unique building mechanics expected to be included in the game.

We’ve seen building mechanics in survival games before, but in Survive The Nights, you’ll be given the option to turn existing buildings into your base. In games like Rust and ARK, you are only able to build your own structures.

In Survive The Nights, you will be able to use tools to barricade existing houses, use electricity to power the home, and place a variety of modular housing items to upgrade and maintain your home.

We feel like going with this approach will help Survive the Nights to feel far more lived in. Because you’ll be forced to visit different houses to loot, you’ll never know when you’re invading somebody else’s space or not.

The developers working on Survive The Nights have also mentioned that they plan to make sure every building can be entered and built upon.

Vehicles In Survive The Nights

Vehicles will also play a big part in Survive The Nights. Not only will they serve as the main form of transportation, but they’ll also serve as a home on wheels. Players can use cars to store their items and keep their belongings whilst still being able to keep on the move.

Vehicles will also be commonly placed around the map. Finding a vehicle in Survive The Nights won’t be difficult, but getting it to work will require you to find different parts and tools.

Extensive Crafting

Everything in Survive The Nights will be useful for crafting or have some affiliation with crafting. You are able to craft different barricades and equipment to protect your home. You’ll be able to craft weapons or mod existing items to turn them into more powerful weapons.

You can keep players away from your home or vehicle by setting up traps through the crafting menu. These traps can trigger when players step on them or when in the line of sight of the trap.

We don’t yet know how extensive crafting will be or how important it will be to the core gameplay in Survive The Nights, but we think it could be quite an important factor.

The developers also made it clear that finding weapons will be easy, but crafting and upgrading your weapons will give you an edge over players that run from building to building trying to find the first gun they can get their hands on.

Survival Mechanics

There will be a number of survival mechanics in play in Survive The Nights. They will be implemented in meaningful ways to make sure that whilst they’re there to make gameplay a little more challenging, they won’t be so challenging that they become frustrating.

The first survival mechanic to make note of is the calorie system. In Survive The Nights, you’ll need to eat food to stay healthy. The longer you go without food, the slower you’ll move, the worse your aim will be, and the worse other stats will be affected.

Players can be rewarded for eating regularly, or punished for not keeping up with eating often enough. Eventually, players will be forced to eat or they’ll die, but this will take a few days of in-game time.

It should be mentioned that food won’t be hard to come by in Survive The Nights – it’s just down to the player to take the time to prepare and eat the food to gain the benefits it offers.

Combatting Senseless PVP

One of the biggest problems with these kinds of open world survival multiplayer games is the senseless PVP that comes with it. Players are rarely encouraged to work together and most survival games end up falling into this state of broken open world PVP.

Survive The Nights wants to stray away from this by rewarding players that work together and punishing those that go out killing people ruthlessly.

You can get away with a little bit of killing in Survive The Nights, but if you do too much killing, your character’s mental state will worsen. To begin with, you’ll start seeing and hearing hallucinations. You’ll start hearing voices and may be tricked into thinking other players are nearby when they aren’t.

If you continue to kill people, your vision will start to blur and your hands will become shaky, making it harder to aim. If you keep killing beyond this point without letting your mental state return to normal, it may result in your character committing suicide.

This system will offer a variety of increasingly challenging punishments and warning signs as players kill more players in a short span of time. This should hopefully make player killing an option, but not ruthless killing sprees.

We’re interested to see whether a system like this would help to cut down on player killing, or whether players will simply find a way around the system to continue their rampant killing.


What are your thoughts on Survive The Nights? Do you think it could become the next big survival game? With it being developed by a very small team and only just recently being put up on Steam Early Access, it, unfortunately, won’t be completed for quite some time. In the meantime, we can only hope that the developers are able to create the game they envisioned.

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