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Echo Falls Releases White Wine Rum Fusion With Coconut And Pineapple

Wine + Rum = YUM.


B&M bargains have long been a staple of British culture, selling amazing value booze and other bits and bobs perfect for any drinking occasion. They might have outdone themselves here though, after they’ve started selling a new type of Echo Falls wine.

The Echo Falls wine company are famous for their rose drinks and other sweet wines, but their latest infuses a classic bottle of white wine with coconut and pineapple flavours – and a healthy portion of rum to boot.

The wine tastes like coconut and pineapple
Echo Falls

The best part? It’s only £3.99!

With an alcohol percentage at 9% it’s sure the mixed drink could lead to some boozy evenings.

Fans are absolutely living for the meeting of wine and rum.

Kirsten Michelle Wakefield, from Nottingham, couldn’t wait to try it, commenting “I bet it tastes like malibu.”

Others were more than a bit worried about the potential potency of the mixed drink.

It’s a long standing fact that you shouldn’t mix drinks when you’re out and about, but plenty have companies have been serving pre-mixed drinks recently, most famously the Desperados beer that comes mixed with Tequila.

“Wine and rum I think you’d die,” said wine fan Amy Gildea.

It’s not a first for the supermarket to foray into weird and wonderful drinks. B&M have been known for selling unusual boozy treats, like back in February, when they released a special sparkly unicorn branded gin – that tastes like marshmallows. The unicorn trend has not slowed down since, and we’re excited to see what happens next with it.

The supermarket was also recently in hot water over a slightly racy Instagram post. Advertising their range of “Alphabet Mugs,” the photo showcased the letters “B” and “J” and, well, the comments did the worst taking the mick out of the company.

One fan wrote: “Any reason you had to choose BJ ? 😂”

“You couldn’t have picked better letters,” another said.

“Someone REALLY didn’t think this picture through,” somebody else added.

Echo Falls Wine infused with rum is available now at B&Ms.

[Featured Image Credit: Echo Falls/Pexels]

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