Blogger Breaks Down As Deleted Instagram Leaves Her ‘Unable To Work’

She doesn’t want to be a ‘homeless prostitute’

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Blogger Jessy Taylor has hit out at fans who got her Instagram deleted and left her ‘unable to work’. After amassing 113,000 followers on her Instagram, Taylor says she was left gobsmacked when her account disappeared in the middle of editing a video.

The former McDonald’s worker and prostitute says she is $20,000 in debt and can’t to return to her old life. Taylor maintains that she can’t get a 9-5 job because it “isn’t for her.” The 21-year-old seems to have been living the high life on her Instagram fame, however, some are determined to burst her reality bubble.

Putting the First in First World Problems, Taylor can be seen sobbing to her YouTube subscribers. In an emotionally charged video, she said, “I don’t know it’s not working out for me. I’m in LA because of this. I’m in LA because I want to be on Instagram. I’m nothing without my following.”

Lashing out at those who’ve reported her, Taylor continued: “And when people try to hate on me or report me I’m literally trying to be a f***ing better person.”

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She also had a strong message for those who’ve reported her. Taylor blubbed, “I want to say everybody who has been reporting me, think twice because you’re ruining my life. I make all of my money online. All of it. I don’t want to lose that.”

Taylor doesn’t reveal how she makes money form her Instagram or why her account gets repeatedly reported. She said that she worked “so f*****g hard” to get to where she is.

Ending the clip with a stark warning, Taylor said she’s concerned she’ll end up “a homeless prostitute in the street doing meth.” Well, I’m pretty sure McDonald’s has a few openings that don’t rely on you resorting to that.

Jessy wasn’t down for long though. Taking over a fan account she posted a new image and wrote: “Hey guys I’m taking over this fan acct I’m starting brand new. thanks to the owner who gave me this. – this is Jessy.”

Elsewhere, her teary tirade has racked up an impressive 183,000 views, making it her most-viewed video by a country mile. See Jessy, there was some good to come from this.

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