Bird Box’s Writer Is Working On A New Netflix Series

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Horror fans rejoice, the writer of Bird Box is teaming up with Netflix for a brand new fantasy series. Although most of us already know Bird Box as the Sandra Bullock-led movie currently breaking records on Netflix, you might not know the atmospheric script comes from the brilliant mind of Eric Heisserer.

Josh Mallerman’s 2014 novel of the same name may have been slightly different from the Bird Box we saw on our screens. Still, the horror of his book transpired pretty well into the movie. as Heisserer had the hard challenge of bringing Malorie, Boy, and Girl to life.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Heisserer hopes to put his magic touch on another best-selling book. Based on Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows, Netflix has put in an eight-episode order for the new fantasy show.

If you want to know more, Shadow and Bone follows a teenage orphan who grows up in a Russian-inspired land and tires to come to terms with her scary powers. In contrast, Six of Crows is basically a fantasy version of Ocean’s Eleven involving an infamous thief and rag-tag crew.

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The show takes plays in the Grishaverse, a place that is home to a teeming criminal underworld. It’s unclear whether Bardgugo’s novels Siege And Storm (2013) and Ruin And Rising (2014) are also up for adapting, but we’ll probably have to wait and see how the first idea pans out.

Shawn Levy’s 21 Lamps will help produce Netflix’s unnamed show, which is another coup considering Levy was behind Netflix behemoth Stranger Things. As for Heisserer, he’s also written scripts for the 2011 remake of The Thing and won an Oscar for his Arrival screenplay. That being said, he’s also known for writing that abysmal A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, so things could always be better.

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As Netflix continues to hold onto its streaming giant crown, more and more Netflix originals are starting to make their way online.

Ironically, Bird Box (the movie) shows what Netflix can really do. Susanne Bier’s movie recently grabbed headlines when the site reported over 45 million accounts had streamed Bird Box in a matter of days.

Here’s hoping the Grishaverse is just as popular on Netflix as it is on bookshelves. Either way, expect another gripping fantasy series to nestle in next to the rest of Netflix’s big-budget offerings.

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