Billie Eilish Cut Her Hair Into A Mullet And The Internet Is Confused



Billie Eilish sprang onto the music scene and made such a big name for herself in a short space of time that she’s probably even outranked Justin Bieber at this rate – which is interesting considering she’s actually a huge Belieber. 

But she shocked her fans the other day by unveiling a new haircut, showing that she’s decided to cut her brunette/green hair into an urm… mullet. Is she gearing up for an Old Town Road remix with Billy Ray Cyrus?

Now Billie isn’t one to shy away from playing around with the colour of her hair, but she is definitely rocking an interesting mullet.

If you’re living for her new style though, Billie did reveal to TMZ that it ended up being an accident and that it won’t be staying for long – which is a shame because everyone loves a cheeky 80s throwback now and again. After all, look at how much Stranger Things is thriving.

Fans had mixed thoughts when it came to her new do’, as they always tend to.

Just because someone famous does something DOES NOT MEAN it should become a trend or automatically mean they are “pulling it off” 
Ex: Billie Eilish and her mullet. 
No. Stop. 😂— Dani☀️ (@Danielle_Selene) November 5, 2019

When Billie Eilish gets a mullet, it’s “cool and stylish”, 
When I had one, I “looked like my mom”.— Jolly Rhea (@surhealdeal) November 6, 2019

What do you think, should the Bad Guy singer keep her interesting haircut or should she try something else out for a style? I mean, after all – a mullet is basically business in the front and a party in the back.

[Featured Image Credit: Billie Eilish Instagram]

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