Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Is Being Accused Of Selling ‘Dangerously Expired’ Make-Up

She could be in some serious hot water…


Yet another drama is unfolding in the YouTube beauty community, but this time it’s involving Jaclyn Hill.

For those of you reading, Jaclyn is a YouTube beauty guru who went on to create her own make-up brand ‘Jaclyn Cosmetics’, and recently released a range of lipsticks that seem to be getting a bit of a bad rep on social media.

The reviews are so bad, that people are accusing the YouTuber of releasing ‘out of date’ products after finding fibres and gritty material inside the lipstick.

Confused customers began to take to Twitter to voice their concerns, noting that their own purchased lipsticks appeared to differ in quality to those that were sent out to influencers in PR.

One user wrote: “@Jaclynhill @jaclyncosmetics I am a huge supporter! Seriously love you. I was soooo excited to buy your lipsticks. Today when I went to put on “Decaf” ..I noticed there was a hard ball inside of it. What is it? Can I get a replacement?”

Jaclyn responded to a customer who complained about her lipstick in a now deleted tweet, but she appeared to say that the fault of the lipstick was down to the person using it, and not the product itself.

jaclyn hill lipstick

YouTuber RawBeautyKristi took to her own channel to discuss her own thoughts about the products, wading in on the conversation. She told her subscribers:

“I bought these myself on launch day and also received PR. I bought all 20 of them and the total was $330 (£260). When i was unboxing and looking at each of the lipsticks, I noticed that what people were saying was true, that there were some issues with the outer appearance of the actual lipstick themselves.

“Upon further inspection, I noticed fibres, hairs, beads, and pitting in a bunch of the lipsticks. I decided to put them under a microscope to see what everything looked like up close, and I was SHOCKED.

” I do NOT think that Jaclyn was aware of the quality of these before them going out, I think that these lipsticks are either old, or the lab has ZERO quality control and that they are contaminated (which is what I truly think happened) I really feel like the lab did Jaclyn dirty. I think they released less than poor quality products and now she and her brands reputation are paying the price.”

Following the video, Jaclyn has since issued a statement on Twitter regarding the products and their negative reactions, saying: “My team and I are working very hard on finding out EXACTLY what is causing the “grittiness & bumpy texture” on some of my lipsticks. I am so sorry to see some of you dissatisfied with my product. I will make it right for you & learn from this mistake! That’s a promise.”

People are demanding that Jaclyn and her team should issue a recall of all the products until everyone has gotten down to the bottom of what’s really going on with the makeup.

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