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Baileys Releases Chocolate Reindeer To ‘Sleigh’ The Christmas Competition

‘Deer’ Santa, I’ve been very good this year

Baileys Reindeer

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of hooves on the roof as Baileys unveils chocolate reindeer for Christmas 2019. Much more than just that fan-favourite festive tipple you pour over ice to sip alongside the Queen’s speech, Baileys is expanding its roster of products for a slice of the Christmas pudding.

Baileys’ chocolate reindeer previously popped up at London’s Treat Bar, but now, you can take the delightful deer home with you and serve your Baileys inside their hollowed-out bodies, because why not?


The chocolate reindeer come free with a bottle of Baileys, meaning there are even more reasons to buy a bottle of the good stuff. Coming exclusively to ASDA from November 14 to December 4, you haven’t got long to make sure Santa’s happy helpers are under your tree this year.

Chocololics are encouraged to bite off the reindeer’s horns, pour in a generous helping of Baileys, top with whipped cream, and then sprinkle on whatever toppings they fancy. I can personally confirm, you’ve never really tried Baileys until you’ve drank out of a reindeer.

Anne Nosko, Baileys Europe Marketing Director at DIAGEO, commented: “The outpouring of consumers demanding the recipe of the cheeky chocolate reindeer we featured last year was undeniable.

Baileys Reindeer

“This year, we wanted to make sure the reindeer were available for anyone who wanted a new way to enjoy the classic taste of Baileys, with a delicious twist.

“There are so many Christmas traditions in this country, from food and drink, to TV shows and advertisements – we think the Baileys Chocolate Reindeer will find its way into the hearts, or at least onto the drinks trays, of Brits’ Christmases this year.”

Elsewhere, Baileys has also released a moreish Salted Caramel flavour. You can also head to ASDA a grab this “deliciously decadent flavour”. A 70cl bottle has an ABV of 17% and has an RRP of £16. This is one beverage that is sure to fly off shelves and become a staple of drinks globes around the country.

Baileys bottle

If the reindeer have already galloped out of ASDA, you’ll be happy to know they’ll also be back at Somerset House’s Skate from November 14. So, bite off their heads, fill them with Baileys, and drink from them…Game of Thrones-style.

[Featured Image: Baileys/Apple]

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