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ASDA Is Selling Giant Mince Pies For The Festive Season

Messenger Mince pies are definitely one of those signature Christmas treats. Settle in to a film, with …read more


Mince pies are definitely one of those signature Christmas treats. Settle in to a film, with your decorations up and polish off one or two pies. Oh, who are we kidding – more like polish off the entire box.

Because it’s so easy to demolish them all in one sitting, ASDA has thought a little bit outside of the box with their latest offering, and has decided to just abandon the individuals altogether so that you don’t feel so guilty about eating so many mince pies – by creating one GIANT mince pie. Hell to the YES.

Credit: ASDA

The beautifully THICC mince pie retails for just £1.50, and is bound to stop you from feeling guilty about your indulgence because after all – you’re only eating one. Gosh, I do love a good loophole. ONLY issue, is that you will have to wait until the 22nd November to get your hands on the delicious goods.

Christmas is just officially the best time. I don’t care what anyone says, it makes you feel all warm, festive and fuzzy on the inside and it’s just the perfect excuse to go and spend all your money and eat everything in sight.

ASDA also currently has an amazing collection which has just landed for all the family, which includes Santa’s signature outfit as t-shirts for everyone – including pregnant women with future Christmas buns on the way.

Credit: Asda

Each pyjama set has a different slogan depending on who it needs to fit – ranging from the classic ‘Mrs Claus’, to ‘Grandma Claus’, ‘Uncle Claus’ and ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ and even one for expectant mothers that says: ‘Little Helper on the Way’. HOW CUTE.

Prices start at just £5 for the ‘Teeny Tiny Claus’ set, with the adult sets costing around £8.

Credit: Asda

If you want to get in on the matching action, but aren’t quite as enthusiastic about Christmas as I am, then there’s also some pretty neat Harry Potter pyjamas going around for all the family.

Is there anything better than comfy, cosy pyjamas in the winter months?

Yes! Harry Potter themed comfy, cosy pyjamas for you and the whole family! These J.K Rowling best-seller-inspired pjs are capturing the attention of many mega fans.


Can you imagine anything better than these waiting for you after a long, cold day? Cause I can’t think of anything better.  

“I solemnly swear im up to no good.” is the eye-catching quote printed onto the perfect set sold by the American store Target, for both adults and children.


This top is accompanied by the iconic Harry Potter round frame glasses, lighting bolts and Hogwarts crest-patterned bottoms. This ensemble captures all the fun of harry potter and gives you the opportunity to wear it in a comfy alternative.

 The raving reviews include: Perfect fit! Soft, comfy and great quality! Love it!” “These are adorable, and fit well” “Glad I got these when I did! They’re so cute. My little bug looks so cute in them, and I got a matching set for myself ” and “Got this for all of my kids, for matching Pj’s pic, and it fits just as pyjamas should!”.


Unfortunately, for any non-US citizens these wonderful HP-themed pyjamas can only be purchased within America, Canada and Mexico. But no need to worry, there are MANY brilliant wizard-world themed PJ alternatives available to everyone.

Simply be, Matalan, Primark and many others have perfect stock for all the Harry Potter fans! 

But for those able to get their hands on the Target pyjamas, prices are as low as £10 for a set for your beloved young relatives or friends.

£13 for children and only £19 for adults! So you’ll probably even have money to spare to stock up on the whole Harry Potter movie collection to watch in your new fabulous set. Give me a better scenario to be in!


If this isn’t enough for you, let me tell you there’s a lot more where that came from. Target has a rather large range great for every form of Harry Potter follower. You can grab hoodies, tops, toys, bedding, books, costumes, bags… basically everything and anything imaginable.

I can’t wait to Slytherin to bed in a pair of these.

Words by Cecile Parkes


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