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ASDA Is Selling Bacon Flavoured Fries And They Sound Delicious

Messenger ASDA has just released a brand-new kind of oven fries, and they’re a game-changer. The BACON …read more


ASDA has just released a brand-new kind of oven fries, and they’re a game-changer.

The BACON flavour fries come in 500g bags for just £1.50, so you know that hangovers will never be the same. Plus, imagine these with cheese melted over the top? Heaven. The bacon flavour comes from the “smoke flavouring” and onion powder used to season the cook-at-home chips.


You can get them in store now.

In similar news, McDonald’s fries’ packaging has a secret purpose and people can’t cope.

Considering McDonald’s was founded back in 1940, you’d think we know everything there is to know about the fast food joint by now. Nope, we’re still learning.

Continuing 2019’s year of trendsetting, fans have just pointed out a major life hack when it comes to how we eat McDonald’s fries.

Heading under the golden arches, those little potato soldiers are a must-have addition to any meal. While I’m not one of those who fancies dipping them in my milkshake, It just isn’t a trip to the Big M without a side of fries.

After ruining our lives with the claim that Harry Potter’s scar isn’t a lightning bolt, Today Years Old posted a tweet that reveals your average McDonald’s fries box comes with a handy ‘sauce flap’. The tweet reads “Did y’all know the flap on your fries box actually has a purpose?” but I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

All these years and we’ve been eating them wrong. Well, it certainly beats trying to juggle chips, burger, a drink, and a pot/sachet of sauce. The whole idea of McDonald’s fries is that they’re meant to be eaten on the go, making their cardboard sheath all the more useful.

Still, you’ve probably devoured them by the time you’ve got home/even reached for the sauce.

The response has been mixed online, but as one fast food connoisseur pointed out, they tend to shove the fries in their mouth too quickly to notice there’s a handy flap to store your sauce.




While the life hack suggests you use the fries flap to place your ketchup pride of place, I say mix it up a bit. Alongside BBQ, Sweet Curry, and even Szechuan (if you’re Rick and Morty), Maccy D’s has so many sauces to offer. Personally, I’m a fan of mayo, so I’d probably wait until I get home and dunk my soggy fries in a tub of Hellman’s.

I guarantee you don’t look at your box of fries the same way when you order them next time!

[Featured McDonald’s/Pixabay]

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