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ASDA Is Selling A Giant Chocolate And Caramel Eclair And It Looks Delicious

Messenger Giant food is brilliant for a whole range of reasons, but one of those is that …read more


Giant food is brilliant for a whole range of reasons, but one of those is that you always have enough to share around for the entire family. 

Especially when it comes to Christmas, there’s nothing worse than trying the most delicious treats and running out very quickly – and mostly during the festive period when all the shops are closed up for the holidays. But ASDA has pre-empted all of your Christmas needs, and has brought out the MOTHER of all desserts for you and your family to tuck into (or just yourself if you’re having a really excessive cheat day).

Check out this bad boy – a GIANT chocolate and caramel eclair of dreams, that can serve at least 10 people. Oh, and did I mention it’s absolutely bloody delicious? To be fair, though, anything that is covered in caramel tends to be.

The giant eclair is filled with chocolate mousse and caramel flavour sauce. (Credit: ASDA)

Better yet? It’s only £5, which when you consider the fact that it can be shared between 10 people is a absolute bargain. The product reads that it is a: “super-sized seasonal treat filled with chocolate mousse galore and topped with rich fondant”.

I don’t know about you, but I’m rushing over to ASDA after work to make sure I’ve got one of these in time for Christmas, and I can assure you all (and any of my family if they’re currently reading this) that I will NOT be sharing. In the spirit of Christmas,

Mince pies are definitely one of those signature Christmas treats. Settle in to a film, with your decorations up and polish off one or two pies. Oh, who are we kidding – more like polish off the entire box.

Because it’s so easy to demolish them all in one sitting, ASDA has thought a little bit outside of the box with their latest offering, and has decided to just abandon the individuals altogether so that you don’t feel so guilty about eating so many mince pies – by creating one GIANT mince pie. Hell to the YES.

Credit: ASDA

The beautifully THICC mince pie retails for just £1.50, and is bound to stop you from feeling guilty about your indulgence because after all – you’re only eating one. Gosh, I do love a good loophole. ONLY issue, is that you will have to wait until the 22nd November to get your hands on the delicious goods.

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