Ariana Grande Reveals Tragic Consequences Of PTSD In Worrying Photos

She’s clearly suffering

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Ariana Grande hasn’t exactly had an easy ride of it. As well as being involved in the Manchester Arena bombing and losing ex Mac Miller, the pop princess had a high-profile split from Pete Davidson and has been criticised for headlining Manchester Pride 2019.

Any number of these might be enough to send anyone full 2007 Britney, however, the “Thank U, Next” singer is holding onto her sanity — or so we thought. Grande has shared a picture to her followers and shows the cataclysmic effects that PTSD could be having on her brain.

While in the midst of her “Sweetener” tour, the 25-year-old shared some worrying shots of her brain from a recent scan. The photos show a ‘normal’ brain and one suffering from PTSD.

Although in black and white, the images clearly highlight that a brain damaged by PTSD shows a number of lighter areas.

Ariana Grande Brain Scan
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Grande’s shot of her own brain has a massive amount of PTSD areas, showing that her personal life has taken a toll. Captioning her Instagram story with “not a joke”, she shared the dramatic difference with her massive audience.

Nearly two years after the Manchester Arena bombing, Grande’s brain still shows nearly double the amount of PTSD to a standard brain that is afflicted. The singer has never shied away from her diagnosis, citing the 2017 bombing as a trigger for her PTSD. Although Grande was unharmed, 22 people tragically lost their lives and hundreds more were injured.

Grande described the scan as “hilarious and terrifying”. The NHS explains that PTSD includes symptoms include:

  • Flashbacks and nightmares
  • Repetitive and distressing images or sensations
  • Physical sensations such as pain, sweating, feeling sick or trembling
  • Feeling ‘on edge’
  • Avoidance

Previously, Grande has opened up and admitted she suffers from crippling anxiety. Thankfully, her fandom is there to support her and frequently post messages of support.

While Grande doesn’t reveal why she went for a brain scan in the first place, at least she’s trying to look after herself.

[Featured Image: Ariana Grande Instagram]

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