Ann Widdecombe Slammed For Saying We Can Still ‘Cure’ Homosexuality

That’s one way to p*ss everyone off


While most people with even a single brain cell know homosexuality isn’t a choice, UK politician Ann Widdecombe seems to have forgotten this. The 71-year-old has spectacularly claimed that there’s still time to ‘cure’ homosexuality. I say good lucky trying, Ann.

The Brexit Party MEP spoke on Sky News and said that “science may yet produce” a cure for being gay. Widdecombe was asked about a 2012 article she wrote, claiming therapy to make some “become heterosexual” was being denied to those who are “unhappy homosexuals.”

She’s now taken it one step further, telling the news outlet, “I also pointed out there was a time when we thought it was quite impossible for men to become women and vice versa.

“And the fact we now think it’s quite impossible for people to switch sexuality doesn’t mean science may not yet produce an answer at some stage.”

I mean, I’m no expert on these things, but I don’t think it quite works like that. Gay conversion therapy may still be legal in the UK, but only last year, the Conservative Party promised to outlaw the practice.

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