An Influencer Faked A Trip To Bali By Posing In IKEA

You’ve gotta admire that creativity…


If influencers weren’t already controversial enough, one fame-hungry woman has pulled the prank of the year and revealed herself as a big ol’ phony by staging a trip to Bali with a clever photoshoot in IKEA.

Don’t get me wrong, who didn’t grow up dreaming of being able to holiday in IKEA as they jumped across the beds and pretended to use the bath? The difference is, we weren’t claiming to be jetting halfway around the world.

Natalia Taylor fooled her 317k Instagram followers into thinking she was sunning herself in Bali, when in reality, she was hauled up in her local branch of the Swedish furniture superstore.

While you might think Taylor was outed as a fraud, she revealed the stunt to her fans as one elaborate prank. Just days after returning from ‘Bali’, the viral sensation explained how she’d pulled the wool over all our eyes. The 23-year-old from California wanted to prove how anyone can pretend to be whatever they want with some clever camera trickery.

It all started when Taylor headed to IKEA with photographer Ally Amodeo and started snapping away. She also used photographs of people’s Bali luggage tags online to make sure her timeline of events added up.

Although Taylor used geolocation tags to make it look like she was thousands of miles away, she was keen to leave some clues behind to see if anyone was clever enough to spot the ruse.

If you look close enough at her pictures, Taylor purposefully left IKEA furniture tags in the background to see if there’s a budding Sherlock Homes on her feed.

Speaking in the video, “I FAKED a vacation at Ikea”, Taylor explained, “So many influencers have been caught in the act pretending they’re away, photoshopping themselves into a picture or sharing a post that’s not even them. 

“I wanted to test my followers to see how many of them would notice if I pretended to be away.” There’s no denying the shots look pretty impressive as Taylor looked like she was lounging in a 5* resort on the shores of Bali.

Discussing how she went about her clever prank, she admitted, “It was slightly awkward as everyone was watching us and we were nervous about getting caught by an Ikea worker.”

Taylor concluded, “I feel like a jerk that I broke my trust with my followers. All the comments are nice. I’m just a big fat liar who doesn’t deserve these amazing followers!

“I can’t believe I got away with fooling everyone into thinking that I went to another country, when really I just went down to the local Ikea.

“This video has a lesson – don’t trust everything you see on the internet. Sometimes people want to lie about who you are as a person, and it’s not hard to do apparently.”

At least Taylor proves that not all influencers are here to promote slimming tablets and posing alongside James Charles at Coachella. While she’s used her stunt to undoubtedly gain more followers, at least it raises a valid point about how easy it is for influencers to trick their followers. Hopefully, she’ll get a trip to Bali out this one.

[Featured Image: Pixabay/Natalia Taylor Instagram]

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