Amy Hart Reveals Why Islanders Are Refusing To Have Sex In The Villa

This makes a lot of sense.


After her shock departure from the Love Island villa, Amy has spoken out about all kinds of things in her first post-exit interview.

Speaking to The Sun, she went into detail about all kinds of things that us viewers have been wondering about.

For example, why are none of the islanders having sex this year?! In past seasons, that’s all anyone seemed to do. Amy explained that they’re all too scared to do it on TV.

She told the publication: “No one wants to have sex as it’s a family show now. It used to be more niche but my 73-year-old nan and grandad are obsessed with it.”

Although Amy did spend a night in the Hideaway with her ex-half boyfriend Curtis, the pair only ‘did bits’ and didn’t have full sex.

She explained: “I was laying in bed with a bloke I really fancied. I don’t regret it. You forget the cameras are there.”

While it was once all sunshine and sangria for Hart as she seemed loved up with Curtis Pritchard, things went from bad to worse following THAT dramatic recoupling.

While most people’s attention was drawn to the Amy and Michael drama, Curtis and Amy were falling apart at the seams. There was a public outcry from those fearing for Amy’s mental health, and after she went off the island for therapy, it was the beginning of the end for Amy’s journey.

Following Curtis and Amy’s split, Maura wasted no time in sinking her claws into Curtis. The Irish beauty also managed to turn the head of the quick-footed dancer, which didn’t go unnoticed by Amy.

Speaking in the same interview with The Sun, Hart branded Maura “fake”. The 26-year-old flight attendant said, “I don’t believe Maura liked Curtis.”

Hart continued, “She was telling me to drop him, she took the mick out of the way he acted.” Clocking Maura’s ‘game’, Amy says she’s just trying to stay in the villa for as long as possible.

Amy Hart Love Island

“I think she thought he was the best one left out of the single ones. She wants to be on the show for as long as possible and go the distance.” Speaking about Maura’s future with Curtis, Amy sniped, “They aren’t suited.”

Speaking of Curtis, some people have been creeped out by his recent behaviour. Twitter users took to the social networking site to point out his unusual term for women, that they think ‘makes him sound like an 80-year-old man’.

One wrote: “”Curtis shut up calling them ‘young ladies’ I’m sick of it, you’re not someone’s grandad.”

“I wish Curtis would stop referring to Maura as ‘young lady’ – it makes him sound like he’s about 80 years old,” added another.

A source close to Amy told The Sun: “It was Amy’s decision to walk from the villa as she felt she had gotten as much as she could from the experience,

“She fell in love, had her heart broken and couldn’t stand the thought of seeing Curtis crack on with other girls while under the same roof as her,

“She was given therapy and support from the producers at ITV and they felt she was emotionally sound enough to make her own decision. They would never dream of keeping someone in there if they weren’t happy about it.”

Featured image credit: ITV2

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