Amy Hart ‘Has Been Messaging AJ Pritchard Since Leaving Villa’

Messenger Amy Hart dramatically left the Love Island villa following her split from Curtis Pritchard, due to …read more


Amy Hart dramatically left the Love Island villa following her split from Curtis Pritchard, due to the fact that she needed to ‘heal’ to allow them to eventually become the best of friends.

However, Curtis’ brother AJ Pritchard recently revealed on talkRADIO that he had been messaging back and forth with Amy as she ‘already felt like she knows the family’.

He said: “She spoke to me. She sent me a message actually afterwards and said she feels like she knows the family and she could only praise Curtis about being honest.”

He also revealed that he would be seeing Amy and the rest of the cast on Sunday on Love Island: Aftersun.

During the interview AJ also revealed that he thought Curtis’ final treatment of his relationship with Amy was ‘brutal’.

AJ told talkRADIO: “Sometimes he was maybe a bit too brutally honest. He could have let her down a bit softer rather than saying ‘yes, I don’t see myself marrying you and having kids with you’.

“That was harsh, I’m not lying, it was harsh.” However, he finished off by saying that he felt “it’s better to be honest”.

Since leaving the villa, Amy has been very quick to praise the show producers for how they’ve handled her departure and the aftercare she has received since leaving. In a recent Instagram post, Amy revealed that she had made friends with a woman who was there to ‘mind her’ before and after she went into the villa, and couldn’t help but sing her praises.
Amy Hart / Instagram

In the post, she wrote: “My G 💖 so, when you go on Love Island you’re assigned a chaperone for before you enter the villa. It’s really daunting saying goodbye to your family and going with someone before you start your new journey within the villa. I was told I would have a ‘new best friend for a week’ that didn’t happen for me….I ended up with a new big-sister-who’s-actually-younger-than-me for life. Yet again the love island fam delivering more than enough! She then looked after me after I left the villa and supported me through those few days. Literally so lucky to have GTH in my life and couldn’t have done any of this without her! Before I went in we had the most amazing week and I literally couldn’t have asked for a better chaperone! Right…come home now so we can go and see @waitresslondon like we talked about sooo many times 😂💖”

[Featured Image Credit: Amy Hart Instagram / ITV]

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