Aldi Is Selling Cheap Kids Ride-On Bikes Just In Time For Christmas


If you’re the kind of person who’s currently looking at potential Christmas presents for the younger members of your family, look no further. We’ve sorted you right out.

Aldi has brought out a whole range of ride-on bikes for Christmas – and they’re only £30.

You can choose from a police bike, a firetruck and even a snazzy little unicorn-themed number.


Adorable, right?!

They’re in stores now, but you better be quick as we’re pretty sure these things will be flying off the shelves.

This comes after members of the public weren’t exactly thrilled with Aldi’s new Christmas advert.

If there’s one thing that is for certain, it’s that you know it’s officially Christmas ONLY when you see the Coca Cola truck advert on the telly. No earlier, and no later.

While it’s due to pop up any day now (with some people even claiming that they’ve already seen a glimpse of it over the weekend), TV viewers have been getting pretty irked after being ‘tricked’ by Aldi into thinking it had already landed on screens. How, you ask? Well, it appears that Aldi may have taken a bit of inspiration from Coca Cola for their latest advert. Here, you can make your own decision on what you think…

Now, with the Coca Cola truck being such a huge Christmas staple in everyone’s lives, it was bound to cause a bit of grief amongst those people that really do enjoy to get a moan in about anything and everything.

However, despite not going down to well with the British public, it turns out that the video has actually gone down pretty well in Coca Cola HQ, and they’ve even started having a bit of a banter battle on social media about helping Kevin The Carrot out. I’d say this has definitely gone down well in their favour.

Personally I think Coca Cola handled it in the best way they physically could, with the ultimate amount of ‘Brand’ter’.

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

Senior Editorial Manager
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