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Aldi Is Currently Selling Giant 1KG Jars Of Nutella For Just £3.99

Messenger Aldi is absolutely killing it at the moment when it comes to delivering good value products …read more


Aldi is absolutely killing it at the moment when it comes to delivering good value products to their customers, and their latest offering will definitely not disappoint if you’re a fan of chocolate.

The supermarket giant is currently selling GIANT 1KG jars of delicious Nutella for just £3.99, which is a fraction of the price they usually cost. Why, you ask? Because they’re bloody generous, that’s why.

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If you’re not quite sure how much more you’re getting for your money, let’s just say that the average tub of Nutella is 400G, so this is around two and a bit times bigger than usual. I don’t know about you, but I’m making a detour to Aldi on my way home from work tonight.

Speaking of Aldi, they recently got in a bit of trouble with the nation for their… urm… ‘risky’ Christmas advert idea.

If there’s one thing that is for certain, it’s that you know it’s officially Christmas ONLY when you see the Coca Cola truck advert on the telly. No earlier, and no later.

While it’s due to pop up any day now (with some people even claiming that they’ve already seen a glimpse of it over the weekend), TV viewers have been getting pretty irked after being ‘tricked’ by Aldi into thinking it had already landed on screens. How, you ask? Well, it appears that Aldi may have taken a bit of inspiration from Coca Cola for their latest advert. Here, you can make your own decision on what you think…

Now, with the Coca Cola truck being such a huge Christmas staple in everyone’s lives, it was bound to cause a bit of grief amongst those people that really do enjoy to get a moan in about anything and everything.

However, despite not going down to well with the British public, it turns out that the video has actually gone down pretty well in Coca Cola HQ, and they’ve even started having a bit of a banter battle on social media about helping Kevin The Carrot out. I’d say this has definitely gone down well in their favour.

Personally I think Coca Cola handled it in the best way they physically could, with the ultimate amount of ‘Brand’ter’.

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