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Aldi Is Bringing Back The 16oz Big Daddy Steak For Hungry Meat-Eaters

Messenger Sorry Veganuary, your time at the top might be over. In a month that’s been populated by …read more

Aldi Steak Featured

Sorry Veganuary, your time at the top might be over. In a month that’s been populated by plant-based foods and people trying the vegan way of life, Aldi is determined to keep meat at the top of the food chain with its 16oz “Big Daddy” steak.

Raising the ‘steaks’, Aldi is here to prove why it’s one of the best budget supermarkets around for value and inventiveness. After satisfying our sweet tooth with caramel churros and popping headaches with hangover-free Prosecco, Aldi is getting 2019 off to a great start.

If rump steak is your usual go-to while out and about, the 16oz Big Daddy is sure to be on your next shopping list.  A Man v. Food-style challenge to tackle, the Big Daddy promises to be a meal for even the best Homer Simpson wannabes out there.

Weighing down shelves from January 24, the Big Daddy has been matured for 21 days and promises to ooze with all that meaty goodness. What’s more, the Big Daddy is just a snip at only £4.99. Just like when halloumi fry fever gripped the nation and Aldi stores around the country soon ran out, expect scenes of carnage down your local branch.

Aldi Big Daddy Rump Steak

The supersized steak apparently gets its boastful name from the fact it’s an extra thick cut. Be warned though, this really will be around for a limited time only. Aldi is known for introducing these showstopping steaks at seemingly random times and letting shoppers watch them vanish just as quickly.

When the Big Daddy was previously released last summer, Aldi’s Tony Baines said, “This premium British rump steak is an example of Aldi’s commitment to offering quality, locally-sourced products at amazing low prices, once again allowing customers to make substantial savings on luxury products without compromise.”

Steak Stock Photo

I’d encourage you to stick to Veganuary if you’re already doing it, but waiting until February to pick up the Big Daddy might mean they’re all gone. Why not grab one near the end of the month so you have a dripping delight ready to scoff on February 1?

As we STILL wait to get paid in what seems like the longest month on record, the chance to feed yourself to bursting for under a fiver means demand for the Big Daddy is sure to be through the roof. Cows around the country are probably shaking in their hooves right about now.

[Featured Image: Fox/Pixabay]

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