Aladdin Finally Reveals Will Smith’s Blue Genie And Everyone Hates It

I’m a genie in a bottle, come on and let the controversy free

Will Smith Genie Featured

It seems like Arabian nights, Arabian days, Arabian years since Disney announced a live-action version of Aladdin. Adapting the 1992 cartoon classic, director Guy Ritchie has gone with a diverse cast of names that includes Will Smith as Genie. Unfortunately, not everyone is impressed by Smith’s transformation.

A few months back, Entertainment Weekly shared some glossy photos of Ritchie’s movie but left fans confused by Smith’s generic appearance. Instead of featuring Genie’s signature blue tinge, fans decided he simply looked like the Fresh Prince with a ponytail.

Ritchie promised Genie would be made blue in post-production, and we can now see the nightmare in all its glory.

The first real look at Aladdin takes us back to Agrabah, where it looks like things are pretty different. The Men in Black star definitely has the A-list credentials to play Genie, but is that enough to win over his sceptics? For many, Robin Williams will always be Genie after voicing the lamp-dwelling comedian in the original cartoon.

Just like the live-action version of The Lion King is bringing back James Earl Jones as Mufasa, it’s easy to imagine Williams returning to play Genie for Aladdin if he hadn’t tragically died in 2014. Smith has an uphill struggle as it is, so a negative fan reaction to his blue hue could make matters worse.

While you might expect a bit of a mixed reaction, it’s safe to say EVERYONE is hating this genie in a bottle:

Aladdin joins Disney’s expanding slate of live-action movies. As well as The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast, the studio is also working on the likes of DumboThe Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and everything else. Unfortunately, Smith’s Genie currently has us feeling a little blue (da ba dee da ba daa).

[Featured Image: Disney/NBC]

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