Age of Empires

We Have A Release Date For The New Age of Empires PC Game


A revamped version of the classic PC title Age of Empires is set to release on February 20th.

The classic title, first available in in 1997, will be improved for 2018 with high definition graphics and level changes in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

There are a host of changes including UI differences, higher population limits, enhanced animation and some changed victory conditions on the campaign mode.

However, Microsoft will include the ability to play the game as originally released, for those who’d rather re-live the exact original experience.

In an interview with Mashable, Microsoft’s Jorg Neumann explained “it’s kind of like how you remember Age of Empires 1 from ’97, just better.”

He explained:

“We redid every piece of art, every sound effect, we rewrote all the music, but we kept its soul intact as much as we possibly could.”

The game will be available exclusively from the Windows Store on February 20th.


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