9 Ways to Get Better at PUBG

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has quickly become the top played game on Steam. It’s clocking in a massive 2 million concurrent user base every single day, three and a half times more than Dota 2, and more than the top 100 Steam games combined.

With that many players in PUBG, it can be hard to rise to the top. However, if you follow the steps listed below, you’ll be able to get better at PUBG in no time.

Learn Which Weapons To Use And When

Picking the right weapons in PUBG is very important. Whilst it might be nice to run around with an AWM at all times, it’s not always the most optimal choice.

If you have a long ranged weapon, make sure you have it out and ready to fire whilst traveling across open areas and empty fields. If you plan to enter a compound or a building, pull out a close ranged weapon.

You’ll actually need both a long ranged weapon and a close ranged weapon to follow this step, but it makes a world of difference when you’re always prepared for every situation.

Turn Up Your Sound

So many players miss out on opportunities because they aren’t listening hard enough to footsteps. Hearing where other players can completely change the way you play.

With sound turned up, you’ll be able to hear when a player is near you. You’ll be able to tell when a player enters or leaves a building, and will even be able to tell what doors in a building they have opened or closed.

Using sound to your advantage will make sure you’re not caught by surprise as much, so make sure your sound is loud enough.

Improve Your Movement

There are many movement tips in PUBG to learn about. A lot of it takes time and practice before you get it right. For example, you should always try to move left and right whilst getting shot at. You should never jump, because this slows you down.
You should also try to minimize movement when firing a weapon as this can increase the kick and make it harder to hit other players. This is especially true for longer ranged weapons.

You can master movement by using crouch jumps to jump through windows and using jumps to get on buildings that can give you a better view of the surrounding area.

Once you’ve mastered these things, you can essentially use movement to completely baffle your enemy. Jumping through buildings, around trees, and past other objects. It’ll confuse the enemy and you’ll often be able to get the jump on them.

Understand Positioning

If you’re caught out in the open, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage. You can use positioning to ensure this happens far less often.

Positioning is about scanning the area nearby for the next route. Don’t just run through an open space mindlessly. Instead, always plan where your nearest cover is and make sure to run near areas with cover.

If you hear or see a player, make sure you’re in a position to get into cover if he starts shooting you. Also make sure to be at an angle where you can shoot them without your line of sight being blocked by cover he may have near them.

Stop Running and Start Shooting

If you’re in a situation where you’re getting shot at in an open area but there isn’t any cover nearby, your best bet may actually be to stop running, turn around, and start shooting.

There are instances where you’ll have to challenge other players like this. You’ll be at a huge disadvantage, but if you manage to pull off a headshot or two, you could potentially win the fight instead of being killed from trying to run away in an empty, open field.

Never Stay Still

A lot of deaths in PUBG happen because you’re caught off guard by a player that you can’t see. To minimize your chance of this happening, always be on the move. Never sit still, even whilst looting.

Simply by using your A and D keys to move back and forth, you’re making it far harder for anybody with a sniper to headshot you. If they try and hit you, chances are they’ll miss, which will give you a chance to spot where they’re shooting you from.

Only Use Full Auto On ARs with 1x Scopes

Full auto is useful in PUBG, but only in certain situations. As soon as an enemy is around 100 meters away, full auto becomes very hard to control.

Full auto is also harder to control with higher zoom scopes. For this reason, I’d only suggest full auto on the .556 assault rifles whilst they’re using Holo, red dot, or iron sights. You can, of course, use SMGS in full auto as they’re designed for close quarters where recoil isn’t as important.

Aim for the Head

It’s not always easy to aim for the head, but sometimes all it takes is to simply remind yourself to aim for the head instead of the body. It’s easy to get into the habit of going for center mass, but headshot damage does considerably more than body damage.

Never Aim For Arms and Legs

In PUBG, players take less damage if they’re shot in the arms or legs. For this reason, you should always aim for the chest if you aren’t able to get a head shot.

You’ll do the most damage with a headshot, the second most with a chest shot, and the least with a shot to the arms or legs.

Sometimes, a player’s arms may get in the way of their chest, but you can counter that by always aiming for their neck and shoulders. This is an area of their body which is the widest, so it’s still easier to hit, but the player’s arms aren’t going to get in the way.


Thanks for taking the time to read this! Remember that a lot of these tips are not hard to do, you just have to constantly remind yourself about them. Good luck out on the battlefield!

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