9 Of The Most Instagrammable Hostels From Around The World

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Luxury travel isn’t really something that enters the mind of a student. Glamour is often traded for necessity and ‘budget travel’ is taken to new levels.

Thanks to this mindset, hostels have been forced to up their games in recent years, in an attempt to outdo each other.

The result? An impressive collection of budget hostels that can comfortably compete with some of the nicest hotels in the world.

We’re way past the days of broken bunk-beds and questionable bedding. We’re talking hot tubs, cinema rooms and roof terraces.  

Kex Hostel

Kex, Reykjavik

Set in an old biscuit factory, Kex’s intriguing interior has been furnished using salvaged materials, giving the hostel this hugely eclectic feel.

From an old school boxing gym, to a retro restaurant and bar, the hostel is essentially a painfully cool time capsule.

If for some reason you wanted to venture out, there’s an array of bars, cafes, museums and music venues a few steps away.

Jumbo Stay

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

Just in case your flight to Sweden wasn’t enough time on a plane….

Whether you’re an aviation fan, or just keen on trying something a little bit different, trading your hotel for a once-functional jet is far from your average accommodation.


Jailhouse Accommodation, Christchurch

Spending a night in a New Zealand prison may sound like something from a horror film, though this is far from it.

Once upon a time, we imagine this was a much less comfortable place to be, now though it makes use of the original prison’s features to become an award-winning spot.

Generator Paris

Generator, Paris

You could probably visit anywhere in Paris and it have some element of style to it. Generator is no different.

The hostel is something straight from a Parisian art-house movie, just to give you a feel of the surroundings.

‘Le rooftop bar’ offers a stunning view over Montmartre and guests can sip coffee (or something stronger) in the brasserie style cafe.

Clink 78, London

Retro neon signs, eclectic live music and karaoke – we’re pretty much sold.

Another in our list to have started life on the wrong side of the law, once functioning as a London courthouse where iconic punk band, The Clash once stood trial.

Their crime? Shooting pigeons. Rock and roll man.

Japan Ryokan

A Ryokan, Japan

These traditional Japanese inns are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the Kyoto culture.

Japan has developed a reputation of respecting nature and the changing seasons, Ryokans are prime examples of that.

For those amongst us looking for something more tranquil, this could be the very thing for your next getaway.


The Floathouse, River Kwai

Could it get more pleasing on the eye than this? We need to see it if so.

The idea behind The Floathouse originated from the Thai tradition of building floating homes to avoid high temperatures, dangerous animals and the sheer convenience of having a doorstep water supply.

Now the owners bring a little slice of the country’s tradition to different travellers every single day. The lucky buggers.

Quatermain Camp

Quatermain Camp

It doesn’t get much more ‘at one with nature’ than sleeping in a South African game reserve.

Guests will be treated to a true sense of adventure, they can expect “authentic tented accommodation, candlelit dinners, warm fireside company and exciting safari drives.”

The back-to-basic approach looks pretty spectacular, sleeping under the stars by night, marvelling at lions by day? Yes please.


Botel – the floating hotel, Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s iconic canals are a must-see for any backpacker, but why stop at looking over them from a bridge?

The floating hotel has become a staple in Amsterdam’s tourist industry, offering a pleasant escape from the busy streets.

Grab a drink, head above deck and soak up the view of one of Europe’s most exciting cities.

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