9 Harry Potter Locations You Need To Visit If You Are A True Potterhead

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Everyone loves the Harry Potter films (even if they haven’t read the books) and we all love the settings they were shot in. Some of these places are very easy to find and to access. Here is our list of the best places to visit if you love Harry Potter.

1. The Elephant House cafe Edinburgh

This is the place where Harry Potter all began. J K Rowling penned the first Harry Potter book whilst sat in this cafe which overlooks Edinburgh Castle. Many people come to sit and have a coffee here to feel the magic wash over them. The Cafe even has a sign outside which says ‘The Birth place of Harry Potter’. Now that is the best place to start for definite.

2. Privet Drive

After going to the ‘Birth place’ of Harry Potter, where else better to go than where he grew up. He lived for many years on Privet Drive with his lovely Aunt and Uncle. Privet Drive is actually a real place in Bracknell in the county of Berkshire. The owner of the property actually tried to sell the house that was used in the films in 2016 but quickly withdrew his offer for unknown reasons. Don’t worry you can still go and visit it even if you can’t buy it!

3. Reptile House

The reptile house where Harry first spoke to a snake and also put his cousin into a case with a snake is actually just the reptile house in London Zoo. Very easy to visit and a great day out as well.

4. Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron

This destination is located in Leadenhall Market and Borough Market and is easily found but you won’t recognise it as the Diagon Alley that you know and love. Most of the outer shots that were used in the filming of Diagon alley were shot here. Sadly most of the shots of inside of the Alley are film set created and can only be seen in Harry Potter world and similar attractions.

5. Australia House London

Londons Ornate Australia house was actually used for the set of Gringotts Wizarding bank. Although I am sure you had worked that out already just from looking at the building. Unfortunately this building is not open to the public but you can go and marvel at the outside of the beautiful building. It’s located fairly close to Covent Garden tube station as well so easily found as well!

6. Platform 9¾, King’s Cross Station

This is surprisingly found in King’s Cross Station. However there is always a huge queue of people waiting in line for their turn to stand behind the trolley which is buried half way into the wall that is platform 9¾.

What location from the Harry Potter Universe would you like to visit? Will you be making a trip to Privet Drive with your owl to get a picture? Let us know!

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