7 Reasons Why Runescape is the Best Game of all Time

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In my opinion, Runescape is the best game of all time. It’ll go down as one of the best games in history, and there is good reason for it. Even if you despise Runescape, there are some things you have to respect about it.

Take a look at 7 of the reasons why Runescape is the best game of all time.

The Most Unique Combat Class System

Runescape dealt with combat in a way that no other MMO had dealt with at the time. Even today, Runescape stands as one of the most unique MMOs when it comes to this.

In other MMOs, players must choose a class at the beginning of the game. As they level up, they can choose new abilities to unlock from their class skill tree.

In Runescape, it’s not like that. The level system is more in line with an Elder Scrolls game. You start the game as an ordinary person – there are no classes. As you fight for longer, the more your level will increase. You can choose to use ranged, magic, or combat attacks at any point, and choose between defense, accurate, or strength based attacks for all three of these.

As you use each combat skill, it’ll level up by itself. Leveling up will allow you to wield higher quality weapons and armor.

The great thing about this is that you could choose at any point which attack type to go for and you could swap between at any time without any negative impact. In some cases, players would need to use all three ability types; ranged, attack, and strength, to complete boss fights.

The Economy is Amazing

Runescape also has many skills that aren’t about combat whatsoever. In fact, some players hardly even bother with the combat and spend their time doing other skills instead.

Skills include things like mining, smithing, cooking, fishing, or thieving. Just like with the combat skills, the more you use all of the skills, the more you level up and the cooler things you can do with each skill.
These skills help to fuel the in-game economy. Pretty much every item in Runescape can be acquired by a player crafting, with a few items being limited to boss drops. This gives players the opportunity to make money in any way they please.

It’s Now Two Games in One

The older version of Runescape has split off from the newer version. Players can either go for the classic old school look and feel or they can go for the new version which feels more like a traditional MMO.

Both games share similar content, but their combat systems are significantly different. Both games are still being developed and each game has its own set of unique events or boss fights.

There’s a lot of arguing between players about which one is better, but you can easily play both and get your enjoyment out of it.

Hours of Free Content

A lot of content in Runescape is completely free. You can essentially level all of your skills to 40 before you run out of gameplay.

At that point, you can choose to pay a monthly subscription to access content available for higher skill levels. You also unlock a number of new skills, new items, and a large number of new quests.

If you manage to make enough money in the free version of Runescape, you can also purchase bonds in-game with gold which can be transformed into subscription time. These are hard to get enough money for in free to play, but once you go members through bonds, you essentially never go back. It only takes two hours to make enough gold whilst a member to buy 14 days worth of membership.

It’s So Relaxing

There are moments in Runescape that can be quite challenging. Boss fights or PVP in the wildy or the stake arena, for example.

However, Runescape is very relaxing for the most part. It provides players a platform to relax, socialize with their friends, or just wind down with some TV in the background.

Because of Runescape’s slow pace, some players have even found that they can fit it in the background during work at the office. I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you can sneak it in the background without your boss knowing of course.

The Quests And Lore Is Hilarious

MMO quests are always quite boring. They’re an essential part of the game, but they can often be very grindy.

I wouldn’t say Runescape is any different. You’re often told to go back and forth between characters, collecting different items.

I never really like quests in MMOs, but Runescape’s quests do manage to keep me entertained and that’s because of the hilarious dialogue and overall game lore.

Jagex, the developer of Runescape, has crammed the world with all sorts of jokes, gags, and puns. Sometimes you won’t even notice a joke even if it sits in front of you for hours at a time. City names like Mos Le’Harmless (mostly harmless) and Neitiznot (nay-tizz-not) are examples of this.

The Runescape developers often release events during different special times of the year, such as Halloween or the holiday season, and these are often filled with light-hearted jokes and different themed activities as well.

It Is a Browser Game

Whilst you can’t get away with playing Runescape on most modern browsers because java has been dropped, Runescape used to be such a good game because it could be played on browsers.

You could be anywhere and play some Runescape so long as a computer was available. You didn’t need to download anything and the system requirements were so small that practically anybody could play it.

It was this reason that got me into Runescape in the first place. I remember not being able to play any ‘download games’ whatsoever. The thought of downloading a game onto my terrible PC to be able to run it was out of the question, so Runescape was the PC game back in the day.


That wraps this article up! Is there anything about Runescape that gets your attention? What about the game makes it special to you?

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