Sexiest Fighters in Fighting Games

Since the beginning of fighting games there have been attractive fighters. Here is our list of the sexiest of them all.


Fighting games don’t necessarily have to be all about violence, at least not when some of their characters look like the most attractive beings that were ever created in the world of video gaming. These characters have perfectly sculpted abs, semi see through outfits and model like bodies are just some of the features that can make a fighter look way more appealing and interesting to the players. These sorts of characters have been around since the the very early days of video games so we decided to break down the sexiest fighters that have ever appeared in a fighting game. You are very welcome.

Kasumi – Dead or Alive

Kasumi is one of the first eight original characters from Dead or Alive. She first appeared in the 1996 arcade release of the game. Being so popular with fans of the game, she is often seen as the series mascot. Her school girl inspired looks greatly contributing to the notoriety she managed to gain in the gaming world. Kasumi is normally portrayed wearing her trademark side-tie blue dress but her diehard fans are usually happier to see her clothing from DoA Xtreme 3, especially in the beach volleyball scenario.

Nina Williams – Tekken Nina’s

trademark costume is the “catsuit͟ and her colour of choice is of course purple, these two paired up with her iconic blond hair and blue eyes making this cold-blooded assassin one of the sexiest female characters in the Tekken series by far. Her lethal fighting style did nothing more than add to her already dangerous personality, Nina being known as a true femme fatale who will stop at nothing when it comes to successfully finishing her kill missions.

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