2017’s ‘Most Terrifying Film’ Is Now On Netflix



If you love a good scare, then you’ll be happy to know that the ‘most terrifying film’ of 2017 is now available to stream on Netflix.

Check out the trailer for ‘It Comes At Night’ here…

Yep, that’s pretty bloody scary.

The apocalyptic movie has had mixed reviews. The description reads: “After a mysterious apocalypse leaves the world with few survivors, two families are forced to share a home in an uneasy alliance to keep the outside evil at bay — only to learn that the true horror may come from within.”

The film, starring Joel Edgerton and Riley Keough, follows a family who have secluded themselves in their home after a contagious outbreak. However, when another desperate family comes along, the story really begins.

Rolling Stone said: “No false promises in the title: It Comes at Night comes right at you, leaving you unnerved, maybe even a little unhinged – and completely exhilarated.”

While the NYtimes said: “It’s smart without making too big a deal of its own cleverness, and admirably thrifty.”

Catch it on Netflix now.

This time last year Hereditary was first shown to an audience of terrified critics at Sundance Film Festival, the movie went on to be one of the year’s best horror flicks.

Fast-forward one year and the festival recently played host to The Hole in the Ground – another horror movie that is being lauded with that same early hype and is being pegged as the ‘scariest movie of 2019’.

The film marks the directorial debut for Lee Cronin and you can watch the trailer now, just to get a taste of the movie that’s been scaring the sh*t out of Sundance.

The Hole in the Ground is a well done thriller directed by Lee Cronin. His & Stephen Shield’s script draws a deep sense of dread for a mom/son & it also works as a strong character study.

It’s worth seeing & has a bit in common with a certain recent film I love – won’t spoil it.

— Jeff Goldsmith (@yogoldsmith) January 26, 2019

THE HOLE IN THE GROUND is not to be missed. Masterful direction, stunning visuals, and tremendous acting (not to mention the disturbing score) brings this film to the forefront of the horror/thriller genre. Well done @sundancefest @A24 #sundance #theholeintheground

— Joseph Harter (@joseph_harter) January 26, 2019

#TheHoleInTheGround takes a while to get going, but once it unveils its plans it becomes a crazy ride through hell. Great use of location, and a fantastic twist! I liked the exploration of the fear you won’t recognize your children as they grow up. #Sundance

— Rafael Motamayor @ SUNDANCE! (@GeekWithAnAfro) January 27, 2019

“Chris disappears in the night into the forest behind their house,” the synopsis reads, “and Sarah discovers an ominous, gaping sinkhole while searching for him. Though he returns, some disturbing behavioural changes emerge, and Sarah begins to worry that the boy who came back is not her son.”

The Hole in the Ground stars Seána Kerslake and James Quinn Markey as Sarah and Chris, respectively.

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